UK Season 2012-13 – A Year Dominated by the Weather!

by John Duncan

As we all know, 2012 was the second wettest year on record which inevitably led to issues for game farmers, ‘keepers and shoot owners. Despite the dreadful weather throughout the summer, the grouse season started well with many moors achieving some very respectable bags. However, there were a lot less days shot later in the season, as many moors drew stumps earlier than last year in order to preserve a healthy breeding stock for 2013.

Our partridge days produced some stunning sport; from high birds off the Scottish hills in Invernesshire and Dumfriesshire to some spectacular sport from the chalk downlands of Wiltshire and Dorset. Exmoor was as reliable as ever. Even though game coverts were not as good as previous years, the early worries over the pheasant season proved to be unfounded.

Clients shot with us all over the UK from Yorkshire to Wales, from the numerous estates we look after around London to the deep valleys of Devon and Somerset. Our main estates continued to provide plenty of fun and challenging sport and we were also delighted to be able to add a couple of new shoots to our portfolio.

Teams were obviously affected by the heavy snowfalls in January but luckily our clients were mainly covered through our adverse weather cancellation scheme.

Now that the season has finished we are busy booking days for the year ahead and demand looks as strong as ever. Please check our website for availability or call us with your requirements. Wherever you shoot, enjoy 2013.