Value of shooting is £2.5bn a year

by Roxtons

The new PACEC report reveals that shooting accounts for 10 per cent of all spending on outdoor activity, supports 74,000 full-time jobs and manages 10x more land for conservation than nature reserves.

Shooting’s long-awaited Value of Shooting report is in and its marks are hugely impressive:

  • The industry is worth £2billion a year to the UK economy, accounting for almost 10 per cent of all spending on outdoor recreation;
  • Shooters spend £2.5billion annually on goods and services;
  • The shooting industry supports the equivalent of 74,000 full-time jobs;
  • More than 600,000 people shoot in the UK;
  • Shooting providers invest £250million a year in protecting and improving the environment;
  • The number of days shooters spend on conservation work adds up to 16,000 full-time jobs, and
  • Shooting manages 10 times more land for conservation than the nation’s nature reserves.

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