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Miltons, Devon

Shooting - Europe - England - Miltons
Shooting - Europe - England - Miltons
Shooting - Europe - England - Miltons
Shooting - Europe - England - Miltons
Shooting - Europe - England - Miltons
Shooting - Europe - England - Miltons
Shooting - Europe - England - Miltons

Miltons, Devon, England

One of the finest shoots in the country, with legendary drives such as Howe Wood, Church and Collies Head.

The Miltons Shoot has a very impressive track record. Situated around the village of Bridgetown, to the north of Dulverton on Exmoor, the Miltons Shoot led the way when the Great Shoots of Exmoor were pioneered in the early 1980’s.

During the last 25 years, three significant tenants of the shoot have developed the stunning ground and realized most of the potential. Comprising 5,000 acres, the very best of the dramatic topography has led to the development of famous pheasant drives such as Collies Head, Howe Wood, Tom’s Hedges, Rookery and Milton’s Rock.

The partridges have a loyal following too, with old established drives such as Farm, Church, Squeakitts-Top and Aerial all providing excellent sport. New improvements this year look set to create more exciting drives.

New lease holders took over the shoot in February 2019, and with a strong keepering team of four, the shoot is set to be finely tuned and improved during the coming seasons. Such is the superlative quality of the birds here that many teams elect to return year after year.

The focal point for the shoot is Hollam Farm, in the middle of the estate, where guns meet in the morning, have lunch and return for tea. There are a plethora of local hotels and comfortable pubs close by, allowing guns to soak up the atmosphere of Exmoor before they shoot.

The Royal Oak Inn in Winsford is one such place and we highly recommend that teams stay here, as it is situated in the middle of the shoot. If you are staying here then you would go straight to the first drive and then return back for lunch – the Inn is used for all lunches at Miltons and they provide some of the best lunches on the moor.

With it’s all round package, Miltons must surely lay a strong claim to being, genuinely, one of the countries very best shoots.

Included in Country Life Magazine’s top 12 for Field Sports Heaven, 2015. Click here to read.

“I’ve heard a lot about Miltons over the years and it hasn’t disappointed. It’s now a permanent fixture in my shooting calendar.”Peter S, London

“One of my favourite shoots in the country.”George D, Kent

“Monday was a really exceptional day for which many thanks. It is great testament to you and the team that Miltons just always comes up trumps. See you in January!”Patrick V, London

Best For...

  • Famous Exmoor pheasants
  • Perfect starting point for a weeks sport

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