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Shooting - Europe - England - Prescombe
Shooting - Europe - England - Prescombe
Shooting - Europe - England - Prescombe
Shooting - Europe - England - Prescombe
Shooting - Europe - England - Prescombe
Shooting - Europe - England - Prescombe

Prescombe, England

The Prescombe shoot is without doubt one of the finest partridge shoots in the country with the added advantage of being reasonably close to London.

Situated in the Ebbesbourne Valley to the west of Salisbury in the heart of the Wiltshire Downs. The shoot covers 3,650 acres and boasts 32 drives that allow great flexibility and have the ability of showing some tremendous birds. The shoot is within an hour of Heathrow and an easy 1½ hours from London. Helicopters can also land by the lodge.

It is a classic partridge estate and as the season progresses an increasing number of very high, testing pheasants re complement the partridge. The topography which is made up of a series of deep, steep banked valleys together with carefully positioned cover plots create some spectacular drives such as Hamiltons, Monty’s and Revenge.

This is another shoot that seems to get better each year with new drives and new ideas. It is keepered by a relatively young but extremely enthusiastic team of 4 full time keepers with head keeper Simon Hawker at the helm.

The shoot lodge is situated at the centre of the shoot, which is where the guns meet for coffee in the morning. Elevenses is taken in the field where folding chairs are provided for the guns to sit and enjoy cold drinks, soup on the colder days and a little something to stem the pangs for lunch. In the early part of the season lunch in good weather is taken outside and in the less kind weather, in the conservatory. The standard of the ancillary arrangements is first class.

As Prescombe has so much variety and drives on offer, teams quite often shoot back-to-back days and stay in one of the immaculately run hotels nearby. This can make for a memorable weekend.

Whether you shoot for a day or two days, Roxtons will make all of the necessary arrangements.

“Superb shooting, great wines and many a jovial story at lunch, Steve and his team really know how to put on a good show.”Charles W, Texas

“A great day’s shooting and then I was back in London in plenty of time – all in all a very enjoyable day out.”Brian D, London

Best For...

  • Reasonably close to London
  • Deep valleys for high partridges
  • Superb wines and hospitality

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Great Partridges in the south of England

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