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Ventosilla, Spain

Shooting - Europe - Spain - Ventosilla
Shooting - Europe - Spain - Ventosilla
Shooting - Europe - Spain - Ventosilla
Shooting - Europe - Spain - Ventosilla
Shooting - Europe - Spain - Ventosilla
Shooting - Europe - Spain - Ventosilla

Ventosilla, Spain, Spain

With the enormous amount of shooting history that surrounds and envelops the palace at Ventosilla, it is a perfect location to experience a weekend of driven partridges in Spain.

The estate is steeped in both English and Spanish shooting history and tradition. The current owner’s anglophile great grandfather started the Ventosilla legacy in 1880. This tradition was continued by the Count of Teba, grandfather to the current owners. The Count was a world-renowned shot and holder of various shooting records from all over the world.

Ventosilla is a living example of Spanish shooting history. Built primarily as a hunting lodge with parts dating back to the 15th Century; the reception rooms are bedecked with artefacts from the past. The Palace, with its 15 en suite bedrooms, is available for the private use of the guns and their guests.

The Estate covers an area of 4,000 hectares. The natural terrain at Ventosilla lends itself to good, varied shooting with sympathetic agricultural practices, including strategically planted crops, enhancing the drives. It has some lovely deep gorges which can show some very high partridges, with other drives, which although not so high, produce extremely sporting partridges.

Nearby Toledo is an extremely interesting place to visit and non-shooting have the option to visit the city during their stay at Ventosilla.

“What an amazing place to stay for a weekend of partridge shooting, an incredible history, incredible hospitality, incredible shooting. Simply incredible”

“Many thanks for two days of really excellent shooting, hopefully next year we will be a little more practised”

Current Availability

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  • Thursday 28 November 2024
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  • Sunday 8 December 2024
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Best For...

  • Wonderful historic house
  • Varied, very good partridges
  • Close to Madrid

Our View

Tradional Spanish country house with varied shooting close to Madrid.

Price Guide

From €54 plus VAT per bird to include full board accommodation, licences, all cartridges and transportation.


English speaking guides can be arranged for  local tours.

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