Eat Wild Explained May 2024

by Roxtons


Eat Wild is the development board for game, our mission is to
create a thriving game meat market that returns value to game
whilst creating further social license for shooting to ensure a future
for the sport we love.

What are our objectives?

  • To increase the value of game meat, to the benefit of every link
    in the supply chain.
  • Target those who have never eaten game meat before to grow
    consumer demand.
  • To open new markets for British game overseas, working with
    the Government to improve market access & seeking new
  • To open new domestic markets for game, working with new
    stockists to encourage and facilitate their procurement of
    British game.
  • To support innovation in the game meat sector, including
    developing new food products & new routes to market.
  • Create a further social license for shooting through the
    consumption of the game; “everyone who has ever eaten a pheasant is a friend of shooting”.

Why do we need Eat Wild?

  • Without markets for our game we cannot continue to shoot.
  • With the ever-decreasing value of game and the continued
    growth of our sport, we must take action to reverse this
    potentially fatal trend.
  • To engage with the younger generation on the health benefits
    of game.
  • Advise and help restaurants with the best recipes so they do
    not serve poorly cooked game and put people off it.
  • High consumption of game meat increases shooting’s social

Why should I support the levy?

  • The voluntary 50p per bird levy that you see on the shoot
    invoice is our only source of funding.
  • This relatively small amount, just £50 split between 8 guns on
    a 100 bird day, is the lifeline for our business.
  • The 50p is critical to the future of marketing game so we
    thank you for your continued support, we could not continue
    without it.

What has been achieved by Eat Wild so far?

  • The NHS and the MOD are now serving game.
  • Sainsburys, Waitrose, M & S, Aldi, Lidl, Booths are now selling
  • Arsenal, West Ham, Watford Football Club, Wembley Stadium.
  • Tops Nurseries – 32 children’s nurseries now serving game, this
    received 50 pieces of press coverage in the Times, Telegraph,
    Daily Mail etc.
  • Dukes Hill, an artisan food producer & food supplier launched a
    game line for the first time with our assistance.

What work is ongoing and what are future objectives?

  • Engaging with Tesco and Asda the final supermarkets that are
    not yet selling feathered game.
  • Create a Scottish task force to address the lack of game dealers
    in Scotland and problems with game collection.
  • Work with Harvest Foods, Absolute Taste, Aramark, Levy,
    Compass Group, Sodexo and Baxterstory to bring more game
    onto their menus. These are the largest contract caterers who
    between them cover nearly every public establishment.
  • Expand the dialogue with recipe box companies; Gousto,
    HelloFresh, Mindful Chef, Riverford.
  • Coppa Club, a chain of restaurants, working to put game across
    their sites.
  • Work with The British Nutrition Foundation to promote health
  • Work with other organisations to fund research into the value of
    game-inclusive diets & climate impact.
  • Education days for meat buyers from across all sectors to take
    them to shoots to see the valuable conservation work.
  • Expand the team and recruit new members to the Board.
  • Continue to engage with Defra on the promotion of game.

“Eat Wild is a vital tool in promoting game as the high-welfare, sustainable and free-range meat that it is. It opens the door to the countryside and all it has to offer, giving nutritional information and importantly, freedom of choice for people to enjoy a food source that is both sustainable and the production of which delivers a wealth of economic, social and environmental benefits. Lord James Percy, Patron of Eat Wild 

For more information on the work Eat Wild have undertaken to promote game meat and their fantastic game meat recipes please take a look at Home – Eat Wild